Inspire the World

During the 2015 season, FIRST® introduced a song called Inspire the World by the Demers Brothers.  It should be used right after the final award is given on both days. It’s a good walkout song and should leave a lasting impression on what usually is a fantastic weekend for everyone involved.



Here is the link to Download the track Inspire the World.mp3

Music Playlists

The 2019 FIRST® Music playlists have been updated [as of Jan 30 2019]

Please download the .pdf files individually
2019 FIRST Music Strategy – Jan 30 2019

2019 THE DO NOT PLAY list [as of Jan 30 2019]

2019 FIRST Music Complete PLAY list [as of Feb 22 2019]

Here is a quick list of new song additions for 2018, along with music related to this year’s theme, Destination:Deep Space

2019 FIRST New Music ADDITIONS – [as of Feb 22 2019]

Here are the Award Ceremonies Order List:

2019 AWARDS list – [as of Feb 22 2019]

And here is the link to the actual music stings for the 2019 awards
Award Music


You can download the above Playlist Files together in a zipped folder.

2019 FIRST Playlists

{Please note, that songs with a nixmix tag, only mean that they have been edited for use during our events…it’s an indicator I use to know that the songs have been auditioned, tweaked, and are good to go.}